As part of our core offer schools receive blocks of short term intervention to support children on caseload which usually are over a half term period. The interventions are targeted and always provide the “Next steps for learning”.

However if you require a more intensive long term intervention, these can be purchased and can run for longer periods of time (usually full term blocks) allowing your children and staff to experience more modelling, more strategies and therefore have greater impact.

All Interventions will take place at your school and will last for a full period of 50 minutes. The total cost of the intervention includes planning, the intervention itself and the write up including strategies to use going forward.


You can purchase interventions and support for children who are not currently on Ladywood Outreach Service caseload as well as children who are. Traded interventions and support can be included in your individual provision mapping and costs.

Interventions can be booked as single sessions or on a half term block of 5 weeks.