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Premier Package

This package includes:-

Sometimes, you need strategies that are bespoke for your school or a set of individual needs. You can select sessions of individualised support for strategies to develop staff understanding and approaches
in school. These strategies can be for a range of needs for example: Working Memory, Expressive or Receptive Language, Total Communication Approach using visuals or specific strategies for children with ASD. In each session, you may have up to 5 staff members involved, so they can consistently deliver the strategies and have support from each other. The 5 sessions can be together or spread out through the year.


3 bespoke blocks of intervention for children that are on or not on caseload

You will be able to decide which interventions suit the needs of your school. With the Premier Plus Package you will have access to 5 blocks of 5 week interventions on whatever you choose and these can be planned throughout the year (discussed at caseload meetings).

3 hours of extra SENCo / Teacher support
Individual support includes 6 hours of SENCo support for whatever you choose. This time could be used for understanding certain procedures e.g. BSCIP or selective mutism pathways, PCRs, learning walks or teacher support for particular needs etc. and can be planned in across the year to suit your needs.


3 seats for the new online training modules or 2 Access Arrangement assessments
We are excited to announce the development of our new online training modules that can be accessed in your own time at your convenience. Currently we have 4 courses available: Introduction to ASD, Understanding
Sensory Needs, An Introduction to Communication Needs and An Introduction to Dyslexia.
If online training is less of a priority, you can exchange this for 2 Access Arrangement assessments. Assessments are carried out by a qualified specialist assessor to determine whether pupils could be entitled to support in formal examinations (readers, scribes or extra time).

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