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MSK Physiotherapy for children

The paediatric MSK physiotherapy team work with children and young people aged 0-18 with injuries, conditions and disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system for example: fractures, soft tissue injuries, post-op rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology conditions and conditions related to disorders of skeletal development In some settings they are also able to offer hydrotherapy treatment sessions where appropriate. They aim to promote and facilitate maximum function, ability and independence of the children and young people in our care and set treatment plans and goals jointly.

How does this therapy service meet needs within Woodbridge Trust?

This therapy service often works closely with the child and sometimes with other professionals, including the children’s physiotherapists in the Royal Bolton Hospital and the Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapists in the community to identify the best package of support for a child or young person. This may involve some intervention in the home or school setting.

Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy for children

The Neurodevelopmental physiotherapy team specialises in the assessment, intervention, and advice for children and young people aged 0-18 years (19 years if the young person attends a special school in Bolton) who have various movement difficulties. These difficulties may arise from a developmental, neurological or muscle condition.


A child or young person may require intervention from this service because they have

  • Difficulty with posture and movement

  • Difficulty achieving developmental milestones

  • Difficulty/concerns about walking

  • Difficulty physically accessing a variety of environments

  • Rehabilitation needs following an illness or injury


The service is child and family focussed and aims to promote and facilitate maximum function and independence in order for the child/young person to participate in family, school and leisure activities.


How does this therapy service meet needs within Woodbridge Trust?

The service will support teachers to enable the child and young adult to engage in activities in that setting and throughout the day that enable them to reach their goals. They will often support with advice and strategies that can be delivered by staff throughout the day and integrated into the timetable.

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