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Rebound Therapy

Rebound therapy improves both high and low muscle tone as well as cardiovascular fitness. It is appropriate for learners who have a lack of awareness of body position, reduced sensation and problems with posture. It does not matter if the learner has a limited ability to communicate as rebound therapy is an enjoyable, stimulating activity that improves self-esteem and confidence.

How does this type of therapy assist learning in our trust?

Rebound therapy is an evidence based treatment that significantly improves movement, balance, tone, fitness and communication skills. Children substantially benefit from rebound therapy when it is used alongside physiotherapy treatment.


The benefits of rebound therapy include:

  • Increased balance

  • Increased active movement

  • Increased or decreased muscle tone

  • Increased fitness and exercise tolerance

  • Increased sensory integration

  • Increased spatial awareness

  • Increased confidence in movement

  • Improved body image

  • Improved posture

  • Improved communication skills

  • Improved social skills

  • Improved quality of life and independence

  • and it is great fun ! 

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